Hatha Yoga, Qi-Gong and Meditation in English

This evening combines Hatha Yoga, Qi-Gong and meditation, boosting live force to promote inner balance and Happiness. This approach will improve physical and mental wellness, aiding rejuvenation and self-healing. Beyond physical exercise, this session cultivates holistic well-being, integrating Egyptian aroma oils for chakra activation, deepening the meditative experience and spiritual insight. 
Thomas Gloor, the teacher of this evening, has over 30 years of experience in guiding students through yoga, qi-gong, and meditation.
We invite you to a transformative path to inner peace and resilience, welcoming anyone seeking personal growth, inner balance and well-being.

Weitere Infos/Anmeldung bei Thomas, Tel. 079 845 06 22, info@yogakey.ch

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